Some (Further) Academic Context


Further Reading

At Grimm and Co we are advocates in Child-Led learning, we allow the students to take us where they want to go with their imagination and ideas, we don’t push our ideas onto them (other than creating the structure).

Here is some further reading on child led approaches.

Book – Child-Initiated Play and Learning: Planning for Possibilities in the Early Years Edited by Annie Wood


Play and Literacy in Early Childhood: Research From Multiple Perspectives

edited by Kathleen A.

Journal Article –

Journal article –;dn=021681536580007;res=IELNZC

 Awe and Wonder

Here are a few other projects that create that feeling of awe and wonder immersive aspect that we at Grimm and Co aspire to;

Task: Integrating Reading

Produce at least one blog post which responds to something from the texts shared above. Refer to the previous blog post for guidance on the way you should approach your reading – and remember; we’re not interested in what the paper says, we’re interested in the way you put it to work (how does it help you think about the things you’re doing in your project)


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