Grimm & Co Pilot

I was planning a recap of last Mondays pilot, however Alicia had summed it up perfectly.

EdLab With Alicia

Today we held our pilot session for Mobilise Grimm & Co.

The session was very useful to identify strengths and weaknesses within our project. Notably, the session was a resounding success with the three children who attended… all of whom were engaged throughout and seemingly enjoyed their time in the Grimm atmosphere. However, albeit successful, there were a few issues identified, which were discussed during the plenary, and thus a solution was put into place.

  • Time Management

Setting up the room took longer than expected, meaning we ran out of time and were not anticipating the children’s arrival. For the official session, it was discussed that a room in Brooks is to be rented out for two days, meaning one day will be spent decorating the space to Grimm’s standard. If this isn’t possible and a room can only be rented for one day, then the team should arrive earlier…

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