We are very excited to be announcing our first Mobilise Grimm and Co Pilot will be taking place next Monday 19th of February in The Brooks Building between 1pm and 3pm.

This is what we have planned;

Around the space we will have a number of workshops set up including

  • Potion making
  • Magical spy glass
  • Runes of recreation
  • Dialogue Box
  • Graham’s holiday equipment
  • Danger Signs

On arrival participants will be handed a goody bag and given a brief synopsis of the history of Grimm & Co and what is happening here today. The goody bag IMG_0541will include;

  • Booklet with all the worksheets
  • pencils
  • mini bottle
  • info about Grimm & Co
  • Stickers


They will then be able to move their way through all of the activities.

Each activity will be sign posted and decorated in true Grimm and Co fashion (black IMG_0540table cloths, fairy lights, bizarre objects etc.


We will use vintage style chalk boards to sign post the activities.


Examples of Activities

IMG_0539Potion Making

The Potion making will create edible sherbet out of magical animal products (mermaids tears, pixy dust etc) for the children to take away and eat. There will be a worksheet in the travel brochure for them to fill in and they can also fill in the section of the map worksheet to add where these potion ingredients can be found.

Further to this they may want to keep a bit of their potion in their mini bottle in the goody bag?


The potion making area will be decorated with old potion bottles and utensils to add the atmosphere.

Other workshops are yet to be confirmed but in addition to the workshop sections there will be some Grimm & Co atmosphere that can be developed for future events. These will include a mIMG_0536ini museum of magical artefacts.



And possibly a mini Imagination Gym in the same style as the one at the Rotherham Grimm & Co. For example I have found a mini ‘Mind Oiler’. This equipment could be used on the parents to get their imagination flowing!


Further to this we may have a trunk of Graham’s (very outdated) magical being finding equipment. This might include an old-fashioned tape measure, some binoculars etc…

This might end up being a workshop activity but could also just add to the atmosphere.

There are a few things we need to finalise but it is all looking very exciting!!



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