Decorating Graham’s Suitcase

Very good idea.

EdLab With Alicia

Inspired by the Object Dialogue Boxes, I searched Amazon to find something similar.

I found this Expanding Makeup Trolley, which has several folding compartments and also detachable sections. At the moment it looks modern and not at all magical, but if we were to decorate it with wall paper, and attach an old style luggage tag, we could make it look like it belongs to Grimm’s world.

As it has separate detachable compartments, these sections could be split between the groups? i.e. supplies for the potion making could be kept in one of the detachable compartments, and the same for the signs etc… I just thought this could be a means to incorporate the different activities which will be going on? So that each section could be taken off and moved for the individual groups? (if this makes sense!)
But, not all parts will be detachable so the main section…

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