The Project Plan

Our project so far…

Thank you to everyone that made it on Saturday, it looks like a lot was covered and finalised. This Blog is to bring everything together to make sure we are all still on the same page and collate the work done on Saturday.

Overarching concept: Graham Grimm is on holiday (taking his suitcase and portable, pop-up gazebo with him!), and looking for more magical beings and things to explore in as yet uncharted areas…

We have split into two groups:

Design group: (Alicia, Lucy, Clare and Natasha tbc)

The Design group will design and create everything we need for to bring this concept to life.

The mobilised Grimm space will need:


A trunk + boxes and a spyglass to go inside it

Decorated drapery, for example with drawings and silhouettes on it

Potentially: lighting and projections, could be provided by the sensory company

Plan of Action: This group will create a group chat and collaboratively / communally assign work for procuring items. 

Delivery group: (Chanel, Sophie, Alex, Amie, Natalie, Sasha.)

 The Delivery Group will create the content for the workshops and physically deliver them at any events we sign up for.

Things to think about:

Activities suitable for KS2 (primary students ages 7 – 11)

All activities will tie into describing the magical creatures found in that area

The group will participate in a range of small activities which will culminate in a travel brochure about their area. These activities will include / be stimulated by: – Chanel + Sophie

  • signs (inspired by warning / traffic / info signs) about the magical beings – Chanel + Sophie
  • sensory boxes with feathers and other objects that are ‘bits’ of the magical beings. These can be everyday objects such a ping pong balls, pipe cleaners, and buttons – all sorts of random stuff! – Alex
  • spyglass – Amie
  • potion-making – Natalie + Sasha
  • nonsense / strange / random objects  – everyone


The Plan:

We have a few dates booked in and some more to follow very soon.

Thurs 25 Jan: observing a workshop + (optional, but encouraged) catching up with Lauren afterwards. The students will get the 07.42 train from Manchester Piccadilly, changing at Sheffield to catch the 08.53 train to Rotherham Central. This means they will arrive at Grimm & Co for around 09.15.
Tues 13 Feb: whole group to meet with Lauren in Manchester to create / rehearse ideas for initial run through
Mon 19 Feb TBC: this is the date that the majority of students can do for their first run-through / presentation. The morning is better! However, note that we couldn’t find a date that everyone could do during this week. We will discuss this further in the next week.
Late January/Early February TBC: Arrange a meeting with Lauren to go through ideas and problem solve any issues. This can be one for each group if needs be. It can also be a couple of spokespersons from the group to meet with Lauren if the whole group are struggling to find a suitable day together.



  1. Set up chat groups in your groups, either via social media or email
  2. Email me (Lauren) to let her know if you can come on Thursday 25th
  3. Email me with dates you can meet late Jan/early Feb (if you want to)
  4. Complete any tasks set on Saturday
  5. Keep me up to date with everything!!!!


Thank you!


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