Graham Grimm on Holiday!

I’ve just been writing up our plan for Saturday’s conference and had one of those “what if we…” moments so I thought I would share with you all.

As we were generating ideas about what theme the mobilisation of Grimm and Co could take last conference, I have been very taken with the idea of Graham Grimm (The founder) going on holiday. Although all of us at Grimm would love the idea of creating a magical caravan that could tour the country we realise this might not be possible in the very short term future (ie working with you all).

However, what is the one thing that every holiday has in common? A SUITCASE!? No matter where you go or what you do you will need some sort of carrying device for your clothes, toiletries and anything else you can’t live without.

So my little idea is we could possibly create a dialogue box that could come from one of Graham Grimm’s ever expanding suitcases (or perhaps trunk?) . This dialogue box would contain everything we would need for a mini mobile Grimm and Co and with the right amount of imagination anything is possible. Suitcase/trunk size depending we could even create an immersive environment using material, projectors, soundscapes etc.  With these portable but immersive tools we can then create any situation we want. eg The Magic Bus, A Dragon’s Cave, Graham’s Caravan in Dorset?? The opportunities are endless.

See here for some examples of dialogue boxes…….


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