Some Creative Inspiration

Good Morning All!!

This blog post is to flag up a few more organisations that are similar in their learning environment to Grimm and Co. I realise we are already ahead of the game and covered some of this but here are a few more to get the creative inspiration flowing!! Please read to the end as I have a little task for you to think about over the holidays.

And here is another organisation with whom I work with as their lead artist on their Imaginary Communities Project.  Chol Theatre’s Imaginary Communities Project has been designed to create immersive learning environments in schools centred on the child-led approach to engage disadvantaged Children in the classroom. As we travel into the schools we are very mobile!

Happy reading!

Task Time

As we discussed at the last conference the aim of this project is to mobilise Grimm and Co who, as we know, have converted an everyday space into an immersive environment to inspire creativity and literacy. So in order for us to go ‘out on the road’ there will be a number of elements we have to think about;

  • Design of the mobilised version
  • Back story about mobilised version (we had ideas about a bus for magical beings, Graham Grimm’s holiday home/caravan)
  • Activities for participants to participate in
  • Literacy activities
  • Facilitating the activities during our ‘events’

I would like you to think about which aspect you would like to become involved with (it doesn’t just have to be just one – it can be everything!) But I would like you to chose one that you would like to concentrate on. I anticipate we will all have an input into the design, backstory and deciding what activities we will use, but it might be an idea after the next conference to split into further sub groups to make sure we can compete what we are aiming to do. So if you could have a think over the holidays which area takes your interest the most that would be great. Many thanks!

Happy Christmas when it arrives!


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