Reflections on our First Conference

Good Morning all,

Here is a brief run down of what we covered on Saturday including the information we collated together.

We began the sessions with some activities that we run at Grimm & Co to get to know each other and give everyone an insight into what we do.

We finished off the first session with a detailed look at the running and ethos of Grimm & Co.

During the second session we examined the importance of space and how it can be transformed to create a place to inspire and engage imagination and creativity. Grimm and Co are an example of a charity who have transformed an everyday space to create a place of wonder and excitement to inspire creativity and engage children in literacy.

At this point we also explored and discussed some examples that were brought in as part of the task set in the last blog. Here is a link to some of the organisations we looked at;


With this in mind we began to examine our task which is ‘To develop a mobilised version of  Grimm and Co that can be easily transported out to the community.’ This prototype will then be used to continue Grimm and Co’s mission “Changing lives, one story at a time”.

Though some mind mapping activities we began the creative process and here is what we produced.

Task #1: Sustaining Creativity

We would like to ask you to continue to develop these creative ideas by researching and examining how we can get Grimm and Co mobile. Please keep looking up similar companies that use space to engage and ideas that would practically get Grimm ‘on the road’.

For example I came across this at the train station after the conference.


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