A Creative Spark

Welcome to your introduction to Grimm and Co and our initial meeting on the 2nd of December!

Development work on your project will begin at the first EdLab conference on the 2nd December. Whilst the day will include a couple of keynote lectures on educational entrepreneurship and creativity, a large part of the day will be given over to project teams to start to come up with some creative ideas and directions for their work. We are keen that your creative energy is central to what we end up doing – and as such, we would like you to come to the day armed with your own thinking and an initial piece of work. The purpose of this blog post is to set out some tasks which help you to do this by thinking equally about practical ideas and underlying principles.

Grimm and Co. A History and Introduction.

Please follow this link to take you to your introduction video.



Task: A Paper Project

After watching the above video please research some other examples of organisations that turn an everyday space into an imaginative place to inspire literacy and creativity. In particular we are keen to find out about organisations who have a mobile space. Some questions to think about.

What do these organisations do?

What is their philosophy?

How do they create their space?

What are the mobile elements?

Bring your research along with you to the conference on the 2nd of December so we can discuss ideas about creating a mobile version of Grimm and Co.


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