Project Catalogue and Allocations

Project Catalogue

As promised, I’m pleased to share with you the portfolio of projects which will be offered as part of this year’s EdLab programme. Please spend some time looking through the catalogue, which also contains further practical guidance and can be accessed via this link:


You will need to choose which projects you would prefer to support by 1pm on Wednesday, 25th October.

We will aim to have allocated project teams by 15th November, and will contact you shortly after that with further information. All students will be allocated to a core project – whilst students on a 30 credit unit will also be invited to support another project (though they will take less of a direct lead with this). We will seek to allocate students to their preferred choices, though there might need to be some use of second and third choices if particular projects are oversubscribed.

Project Allocations

I’m pleased that we are now in a position to confirm EdLab allocations for this year. You can access the allocation list through the following link:

In most cases, people have been allocated their first and second choices – though unfortunately, there are some projects where take-up was too low to run the activity. There are a small number of students who haven’t yet made a project choice (in this case, your name won’t appear). If this is the case, please do so as soon as possible, and email me directly to let me know so that I can process the allocation.

Over the next couple of weeks, your project supervisors will be in touch to introduce themselves, to share a blog associated with the project – and to set some preparatory tasks ahead of the first Saturday conference on the 2nd December.

In other news; doing something unusual and different such as EdLab can feel a bit risky – and students can sometimes feel a bit anxious about understanding the rules of the game. In recognition of this, Avril Buchanan, the university’s study skills and development manager, has kindly agreed to act as go-to support for students enrolled on EdLab units. Please feel free to contact Avril directly ( with worries or support needs you may have, whether they are about participation in EdLab projects or (later down the line) the assessments associated with the programme.  Avril works independently from the EdLab team – and will act as neutral supportive friend for you, whilst also making supportive connections with other university services. She’ll also be talking with me on a regular basis to help to steer the programme to deliver the very best experience for you.


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