Mobilise Grimm and Co: Summary


Supervised By: Lauren Ash, Sessional Artist for Grimm & Co.

Nestled in Rotherham town centre is a rather special shop. Depending on one’s perspective, it was founded in either 1148 or in February, 2016 – and operates to sell all the supplies needed by magical beings, or to create a context which inspire young people to want to write with pleasure. Grimm and Co now have aspirations to expand, and to create mobile pop-up installations which can be toured around schools, festivals – and anywhere else where a little bit of fantasy might help. This project will support the early development and piloting of this work.

EdLab students will work closely with Lauren Ash, one of the Sessional Artists who work for Grimm and Co, to take inspiration from the Rotherham base to generate ideas for mobile versions, develop and resource them. You will pilot these pop-up activities in local schools and community settings in order to refine and perfect them.

This is an exciting opportunity to work directly with one of the UK’s most inspirational educational social enterprises. In doing so, you will learn more about the magic that can happen when learning is framed in a strong purpose and allowed to develop in unboundaried ways. Grimm’s work makes every child a writer, and releases potential which might otherwise be overlooked.



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